Saturday, 21 September 2019

Free Online Video Editing Tools

Even a beginner can put Adobe Photoshop Elements to good use and come away with the intended effects. Prior to delving into the complete software, you should master the three most important tools it has to offer: smudge, blur and sharpen. When working on digital images, these three tools are perfect for editing images to achieve the desired affect.

Both the blur and sharpen tool function can be located by right-clicking the ‘smudge’ icon. Through the use of the smudge tool function you will be able to add special background and foreground effects to an image of your choosing. The smudge tool function will allow you to blur the foreground into the background or blur the background into the foreground. With the use of the smudge tool, you are able to edit images that may be out of focus or have a shadow in them that you prefer to remove. Both the blur and sharpen tools can be used to either slightly blur a photograph should the image appear too sharp or make a photograph sharper if the image is too blurred.

If you wish to create darker tones in your digital images, you can do so by editing with the use of the burn tool. If your images have been over-exposed, the burn tool can also highlight details that may have been missed in the original image. The dodge tool is yet another option in this software and it too can be found by right-clicking (this time on the burn icon), however, it should be noted that this particular tool should be used if you want to make your images lighter by bringing out the details caused by shadows in over-exposed pictures.

Another great editing tool that can be located by right-clicking the burn icon, is the Sponge tool. This particular tool allows you to both saturate or de-saturate a photograph. By saturating a photograph, it can make the image brighter and more colorful, whereby the use of de-saturation will dampen the color in a photograph making it appear more dull. For additional special effects, you have the option to switch to both foreground and background colors which will make your digital photos look more unique. This particular tool will allow you to interchange the foreground color of an image to the background color and vise verse.

With just the click of a button the Adobe Photoshop Elements software will change the colors around for you. You can play around with the colors to create some really awesome images, such as setting your background to red. Then you can write over part of the image in the same color, by simply clicking on the icon and Adobe Elements will change the colors around, allowing you to write in red on the image.

All of the above, are just a few of the basic techniques you can use to come to a better understanding of how the tools in Adobe Elements software works.

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