Thursday, 21 November 2019
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7 Tips How to Outstanding Intro Video

I just wanted to share some quick tips on getting yourself an intro clip for your YouTube videos. It’s a great way to build brand reputation, and also increase brand recognition.

What is an video intro?

An intro should be a very short (we recommend 5-7 seconds) with your logo and branding. The main purpose of an intro clip is to reinforce your brand by showing your logo and message briefly. It’s important you consistently remind your viewers about you and your business so they keep coming back for more great value. You can either produce something yourself or commission a professional production house to assist you.

I also think it’s great to have something for the end of your videos. Why not create a smart outro with your logo, call to action, contact details and social networks?

Here’s an intro video sample :


Remember the aim is to get people to continue the journey with your brand.

So, here are our top 7 tips!

1) Keep it clear and straight to the point.

You don’t want to lose your viewers in the first few seconds – just have the basics you require.


2) Length.

Remember your audience don’t expect the TV kind of adverts, and won’t sit around for 20-30 secs. It needs to be much shorter – they want to watch your videos now.


3) Get a pro on board.

Having something that looks good is crucial at this stage, as it’s the first thing your viewers see.


4) Don’t overuse special effects.

Most of the time, simple works better. Using too much flash could cause a lot more distraction and your viewers may click out.


5) Audio.

This is probably one of the highest important factors of an intro. You may already have something which you use in your other videos or other branding, however if not you can use websites such as AudioJungle to purchase royalty free logo snippets.


6) Tease your viewers.

If you produce regular video blogs, why not try putting your intro video a few seconds into the video? The first few seconds could be you introducing the video and the content. I personally recommend telling the viewer what the video is about, then following with an intro and then back to the main content!


7) Feedback.

Get someone else to watch your videos and get their feedback. It’s important they give honest feedback, as this could make or break your online video success.

Here are business Video  samples: